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My thesis, generic viagra entitled IncludeUs, cialis sales is an initiative was designed to help low-income single mothers add value to themselves and their families by making smart financial decisions.

The idea for IncludeUs, a financial literacy program for low-income single mothers, was born after I attended a low-income single mother’s mentoring summit in May of 2009. The summit was on the needs of today’s low-income single mother. These needs included budgeting, saving for the future, building good credit and dealing with emergencies.

The lasting message that I took from this seminar was that financial literacy for low-income single mothers is more important now than ever. While the summit had a great deal of potential, it lacked the necessary elements to inspire. IncludeUs sought to change that.

On February 25, 2012, a pilot program for my thesis was held with real single mothers. [Click on the arrow above to view the video.]

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