April is Financial Literacy Month!

April is the official National Financial Literacy Month but regardless of the day, week or month the path to financial wellness is one that we should all take.

It’s not surprising that most of us are experiencing some sort of financial difficulty. The hardest hit by the economic recession have been single parents—especially single mothers. Over half of low-income single mothers live below the poverty line and work endless hours to make ends meet. Living paycheck to paycheck is not only stressful, but almost impossible to escape the inability to save for the future.

Too many single-parents are insufficiently educated about their personal finances. In and effort to create an avenue for financial education, Money Management International (MMI) created

There you can find a host of useful tips to guide and help you create a successful strategy to sustain yourself and your family for a successful financial future.

Below is a summation of the 30 Steps you need to take to obtain overall financial wellness:

  1. Commit to change
  2. Assess your financial situation
  3. Clearing out financial clutter
  4. Set yourself up for success
  5. Get copies of your credit reports
  6. Clean up your credit report
  7. Make your money count
  8. Identify your starting point
  9. Do a debt test
  10. Set your priorities
  11. Set smart financial goals
  12. Set short, mid, and long term goals
  13. Pay your debt
  14. Expect the unexpected
  15. Secure your financial future
  16. Make a commitment
  17. Save for your goals
  18. Where does all your money go?
  19. Identify and document fixed monthly expenses
  20. Identify and plan for periodic expenses
  21. Document your spending
  22. Identify ways to reduce spending
  23. Save money on groceries
  24. Share a tip for change
  25. Document your desired spending
  26. Protect yourself by performing financial check-ups
  27. Understand the cost of credit
  28. Assemble a (your very own) financial team
  29. Appreciate the benefits
  30. Move forward towards a successful financial future
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We empower, encourage, and assist single mothers make meaningful decisions that will help sustain and secure their families financial freedom, health and well-being.


Our goal is to increase advocacy for single mothers with focused, practical, easy-to-understand.

This project is designed to strengthen and support local programs in order to build a comprehensive campaign to support low-income families.

3 Easy Steps

Single mothers will learn how to become financially self-sufficient in three easy steps by:

01 | Taking Stock of Their Situations
02 | Regaining Control of Their Lives
03 | Improving Their Financial Health


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