Pamela’s Story.

I became a single mother in 1999. As I was not a single parent from the start, the hardest thing
for me was juggling my job, school, and life all by myself with my 2 year old. I got some financial
assistance with daycare and food. I also had my $11.00 an hour job that helped me to pay my
bills. I never received child support until years later. Things now are much better.

If I could pass anything on to someone who is in my shoes when I became a single mother it would be, everything will turn out well if you just stay focused on the priorities of life for you and your child. Focus on how to manage your bills and continue your education to obtain a brighter future. My inspiration was my daughter. I want to provide for her and for her to look at me and want to be like me. I wanted to be something in life.

My encouragement was actually my boss at the time. She would assist me in personal and professional matters. She also allowed me to attend seminars that assisted me in my growth. Financial education is extremely important. With out it one may not know how to get out of the debts they have or pay attention to their credit.

Being a single parent having to struggle in all levels, having financial stability allows you to worry about other more important things. Without financial planning this is not possible and a single mother will continue to have to worry about money taking away from the time she should be more focused on how her and her family will grow.

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We empower, encourage, and assist single mothers make meaningful decisions that will help sustain and secure their families financial freedom, health and well-being.


Our goal is to increase advocacy for single mothers with focused, practical, easy-to-understand.

This project is designed to strengthen and support local programs in order to build a comprehensive campaign to support low-income families.

3 Easy Steps

Single mothers will learn how to become financially self-sufficient in three easy steps by:

01 | Taking Stock of Their Situations
02 | Regaining Control of Their Lives
03 | Improving Their Financial Health


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