Author’s Background

Background and Personal Interest

Continuing education has been very important in my development as a designer and communicator. My passion for visual communication has been fueled and nurtured throughout the teaching positions and sustainable projects I have had the opportunity to work on and participate in.

Living abroad has given me a unique appreciation for different cultures, practices and for the way people live. I continue to be intrigued by public perceptions of social and economic class divisions and how different communities are affected as a result.

Related Continuing Education Experience

As a designer, I realize I have the ability to not only communicate visually, but the skills to to also facilitate change. For the past seven years, I have been working full-time in continuing education. My time in this industry has allowed me to create and design materials that aid students in their quest to earn practical knowledge for themselves and their careers.

After working closely on crafting materials that promote and facilitate skills that can be readily used in the real world,  I have unabashedly embraced the need for continuing education. The importance of teaching others economically viable information is not only needed, but has become a passion of mine.

Acute Need For Financial Literacy

The recent volatility in our economy has made becoming more financially literate a necessity. Everyone needs financial literacy, especially low-income single mothers.

Given the tumultuous times, I believe that financial literacy in not only timely, but the best aveune for me to facilitate change with this program. The group that stands the most to gain from practical and accessible financial literacy training are low-income single mothers.

The overall goal with this literacy effort is to teach, inspire and encourage low-income single mothers to make smart financial decisions for themselves and their families for overall future success.

About the Author

Clarice G. Jenkins is an Austin, Texas based designer who has been recognized for synthesizing craft and incorporating real life issues in her design. She has been an independent design consultant for over 10 years with industry and project experience that include non-profit, real estate, educational, sports, pet promotion, health care, social marketing, food service, local service organizations, environmental, and more.

Her education began at the University of Texas where she earned her Bachelor or Art in Studio Art and Bachelor of Art in Advertising. Recently she earned her Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at the Academy of Art University. Jenkins’ work reflects her continuing interest in the interchange between research, design, commerce and culture as well as her belief in the importance of sustainable and human centered design practice.

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We empower, encourage, and assist single mothers make meaningful decisions that will help sustain and secure their families financial freedom, health and well-being.


Our goal is to increase advocacy for single mothers with focused, practical, easy-to-understand.

This project is designed to strengthen and support local programs in order to build a comprehensive campaign to support low-income families.

3 Easy Steps

Single mothers will learn how to become financially self-sufficient in three easy steps by:

01 | Taking Stock of Their Situations
02 | Regaining Control of Their Lives
03 | Improving Their Financial Health


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